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Gladiators are outstanding and specialized in melee combat. Using the sword to swiftly attack and perform a powerful combo attack with sword martial art skills.
Moonlords, fighters who are specialized in performing a strategic attack in a variety of ranges and use the sword to slash enemies mercilessly.
Barbarians, fighters who use vigorous body strength to charge the enemies fearlessly.
Destroyers use bombs and powerful shockwaves to attack the nearby enemies in wide area mercilessly. The enemies will all surrender to them by their menacing power.
Snipers use arrows to defeat enemies from afar in a swift and artful attack. The arrow shot precisely will always hit in the enemies' forehead.
Artillery deal damage to a huge number of enemies from a mid ranged attack by shooting the arrows filled with magical power. Arrows cause a powerful explosion that will not allow enemies to approach them.
Tempests use a crossbow and strength to lure enemies from mid range. They have various combat styles.
Wind Walkers use body movement skills to wipe out enemies with a series of lightspeed attacks. A gust of wind at the tip of their foot blows the approaching enemy into the sky.
Guardians face the enemies in the vanguard with their sacred mace and shield. Their strong potential never allow enemies to break in.
Crusaders bravely run into battle and destroy enemy lines. Escaped enemies will be chased and punished without forgiveness.
Inquisitors destroy the enemies with the power of relentless lightning. The powerful lightning spell is like a divine curse.
Saints can use the powerful force of light to drive darkness away. Evil enemies will succumb in front of the power of light.
Saleanas burn enemies mercilessly with fiery magic. The burning flame leaves only the ashes behind.
Elestras use frosty ice magic to freeze enemies. The mighty frosty ice magic frightens enemies throughout the battlefield.
Smashers penetrate enemies with multiple lasers containing light energy. Laser fired like heavy rain can destroy almost everything.
Majesties are expert at gravity energy and dimensional magic. Gravity orb and a huge black hole attract the enemies they encounter and swallow them into an endless abyss.
Slaughters quickly approach the enemies and cut them with a machine mercilessly. Approached enemies are like their delicacy.
Executioners tear enemies mercilessly with sharp attacks. Only ruins remain after a series of storm-like attacks.
Dawn Sliders move quickly with agile body movements and punish the enemies from a distance. The enemies won't be able to catch even their shadows easily.
Edge Slingers are specialized for throwing multiple flying swords at the enemy to sustain damage. It's impossible to get through that barrage of attacks.
Shooting Stars are specialized in heavy long-range artillery attack. Meteorite-like, widespread shelling will devastate the battlefield in an instant.
Gear Masters are good at handling machines. They use a variety of machines including Alfredo to engage in optimal combat in a safe place.
With unique alchemy abilities, Adepts control flames and coolness at their will. Enemies will be helplessly routed by the powerful heat and cold bombing.
Physicians are excellent in malee combat using deadly poison with a variety of effects. Poisoned enemies will scream and run away unseemly.